The IF-5000 Combo features all the latest
technology in a compact, portable device
using 4 channels for optimal treatment.


Used for muscle related injuries, the Flex-MT®
combine pain reduction with the ability to
re-educate, contract muscles, and help with
spasm relief at home.


Used in conjunction with most of EMSI
devices, Flex-Gar® is designed for flexibility.
Flex-Gar is breathable and comfortable to
wear. Learn More

Clinical strength in a portable unit. The Flex-IT®
is designed to provide long lasting relief to
acute and chronic pain patients. It promotes
deep tissue stimulation and helps reduce pain.

A proven pain reliever without the side effects,
the Flex-TENS® works on the Gate theory,
blocking pain signals going to the brain.

See If You Qualify

Would you like to see if you qualify for any of
these devices?Have your doctor fill and sign
the Letter of Medical Necessity and fax it to the
number on the form. Fill out the Patient
Information Form and send it along with the
doctor's form. We will contact you for further