The Pro-Fit® braces are designed to help patients to reduce pain by restricting mobility, to facilitate healing from surgical procedures and/or sprains/strains from soft tissue injury.

pro fit back
Pro-Fit® Back

The EMSI Pro-Fit® Back is a highly breathable Lumbar Sacral Orthotic (LSO) designed to provide spinal support to relieve lower back pain and maximize immobilization without sacrificing comfort. The molded panels comfortably contour to each individuals body structure. The closure system works with the compression straps in conjunction with rigid posterior and anterior panels to provide sagittal balance.

pro fit knee
Pro-Fit® Knee

The EMSI Pro-Fit® Knee is a Rehabilitative brace used for limiting harmful knee movement while its healing after an injury or surgery. The wrap around hinged knee brace is made of neoprene for a secure fit. The brace is free of latex and hypoallergenic.

pro fit offloader
Pro-Fit® Offloader

The Pro-FitĀ® Offloader is designed for mild to moderate osteoarthritis by decreasing the pressure inside/outside of the knee joint. The 3 point system ensures proper unloading of the painful joint. In addition, the Pro-Fit Offloader has the capability of flexion/extension limitations at various angles for optimal treatment outcome.