History of Electrotherapy

Electrical Stimulation is the use of electricity to obtain desired Physiologic responses for the assessment of diseases and injuries in humans. The 1st recorded use of electrical stimulation for pain relief goes back to 46 AD, when Scribonius Largus used torpedo fish (electric ray) for Rx of gout & chronic headaches. In the late 19th century the safe harnessing of electrical activity became a reality. From the late 19th Century to today many milestones have developed. Such as Galvani's experiments on direct current on the nervous system & Farady's discovery of alternating current in the 1830's. In 1965 a scientific framework was developed by Melzack & Wall. They postulated the gate control theory. The gate control theory states that stimulation of nonnocieptors or their axons can interfere with the relay of sensation from nocieptors to higher centers in the brain where pain is received. This prompted research in the clinical effectiveness of TENS. Today, there is still research being done to further the study of electrical stimulation as a form of pain relief and help with physical rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrical stimulation?
Electrical stimulation is a treatment modality utilized by doctors, physical therapists, and other clinicians to elicit a contraction of a single or a group of muscles. Depending on type of muscles being elicited, the modality can help strengthen injured muscle, promote healing, or relieve the body of localized pain.

Who will benefit from electrical stimulation?
Patients who suffer from physical pain as a result of a muscle related injury can benefit from using electrical stimulation devices to help relieve pain or strengthen the muscle.

Is electrical stimulation safe?
Yes it is. The contraindications of using electrical stimulation include patients with pacemaker, bloodborne cancer, and pregnancy. Electrical stimulation should not be placed over the carotid sinus, across the heart, temples, and pain that is not diagnosed.

Why use electrical stimulation to treat pain?
Electrical stimulation is a safe alternative to using pain medications. Electrical stimulation provides immediate effect to pain. Electrical stimulation is non-invasive, non-addictive or habit forming. It is a cost effective way to treat pain without side effects.

Where can I get electrical stimulation?
Electrical stimulation devices are being used in physical therapy offices and other physical rehabilitation offices.

How do I get an electrical stimulation for home use?
Doctors are the only clinicians that may prescribe these devices. Physical therapist and other clinicians can guide the patient as to what device can better help them recover faster.

Why choose EMSI?
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